Cool tips to win your First interview

Generally people are more careful in planning the Written exams, technical rounds.When they came to the Final Interview Round, Everyone will go out of it , due to lack of some presenting and soft skills that should be exhibited in the time of the interview

 I am giving some of the best tips to overcome the Fear and win in the Interview

1) One of the Common Mistake that everyone is going through is Not well Preparing for the Interview.So try to get Prepared for the Interview well before

2) Your Body Language should be Good, not Arrogant or Unconcerned , It let them you down.So keep an Eye on your Body Language

3) It is better to Know the names of the persons and their positions of the Interview panel Members, It sometimes helps to aid your Performance

4) If the Person is belongs to Human Resource Management , they will ask the Questions on the Soft skills and team fit, If he Belongs to Engineering, They definitely ask about the Technical Things.So Prepare on those well

5) Tell your opinions and Answers as Brief and Clear as Possible, It gives a Good Impression on you

Make sure your Needs are Entitled during the Interview process itself

Even though, your Application is Unsuccessful, Greet with a Smile and leave the room.It makes you to Attract them a bit.

      I hope this is useful, if you know more please post on my Comments Box.


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