How to Know your Bank Balance by Giving Missed Call

Everyone had their own problems when they try to know their account balance online, so many of them do not have internet banking and mobile banking feature to their account, mostly people went to ATM and check the balance, if you are in urgency and have no above options in your hand, you can use your Mobile to get your Bank account Balance

I listed all the banks and their respective phone numbers , by dialing the numbers you will get the account balance by SMS, this guide is useful for people who have lesser idea about ATM and Internet Banking feature


1) ANDHRA BANK - 09223011300

2) ICICI BANK - 02230256767

3) ALLAHABAD BANK - 09224150150

4) AXIS  BANK - 09225892258

5) HDFC BANK - 18002703333

6) IDBI BANK - 09212993399

7) BANK OF BARODA - 09223011311

8) SYNDICATE BANK - 09664552255

9) CANARA BANK - 09289292892

10) INDIAN BANK - 09289592895

11) STATE BANK OF INDIA - 1800112211

Hope you are satisfied with the information above, if your bank is not listed, please comment , Remember your mobile must be registered with bank account, then only balance will be sent to your mobile


5 Best Paid Survey Sites to Make Money Online

Have you ever read about some ads that shows fill the survey and earn money, those ads may not be true but the words are true, we can earn money by filling the surveys, but not lot of sites claiming that they will pay are not doing good, so i make an article about that and spoken about what are the sites that pay you genuine income, just bookmark them and start the earnings

Top 5 Paid Survey Sites to Make Money Online

1) Mysurvey

  • They are the most trusted website which do not give you panics before joining that you should be qualified for taking an survey
  • They do not ask any registration fees to join, fill their registration form and join in their Group
  • Once an Survey is filled up by you, they provide you some points, we need to redeem that points into Amazon Gift Cards or else you can Redeem those into cash which should be withdrawn to your Paypal account
  • There are abundant surveys to fill so you can earn good money and no need to worry about late arrival of next survey
  • This is very genuine website where thousands of surveys are being filled up daily, if you work hard you can earn $10 per day
  • They do not have bigger delays for the new surveys, so we can be engaged to them often
  • USA Residents benefit more from other countries, they get paid more than others
  • The frequency of surveys are too fast, Paypal supports them and we earn by referring them and join new cashcrate users

3) Toluna
  • It is the Fastest Growing Survey Website where people all over the world are joining them in speed
  • Nearly 3-4 Surveys need to be filled daily, so we can earn good amount 
  • It too offers payment by Gift vouchers on redeeming the points you earned
  • The additional options of participating in Polls and asking Question and answers also gives you more money, they too support referral bonus
  • This website is very reliable and trusted to users all over world by customers
  • You can fill surveys, and also review the products and get paid
  • Most Companies offers you to redeem the points to Cash, they will directly debit the money in your dashboard
  • The Minimum payout is $50, well if you work hard it is not tough to get
  • It offers a Signup bonus of $20 and this amount was paid by third party sites not Paidsurveys
  • Frequecny of the website is too low, we need to wait for weeks to get your first paid survey
  • You can only get 2-5 Surveys per month, but the surveys are high paying, they range from $10-150, so this wont hurt you a lot
  • It too supports the easy payment method Paypal


How to Earn Money by Reading Emails

Have you ever think about earning money from reading mails, yes it is possible. The internet is full of opportunities since it is an platform for people who want to learn and gather information, it must be crowded with related advertisements, so what everyone needs to cash the opportunity when it is available, the same time it helps to reach targeted people

Email Marketing is viral now a days, everyone had their own subscription boxes on their blogs, since the usage of mails is growing faster everyone is using their emails as primary contact for them, when you need to know the success of Email marketing, think of Some Job related websites, they will be flooded with loads of email subscription

There are lot of companies that provide amount for reading the emails send by them, but some are fake, since i listed top 5 websites that will payout the money and helps to boost your monthly income, you can sit for one hour in your free time and read the emails, cash will be added to your account subsequently.

Top 5 Websites that pay you for Reading Email


  • It is best website which do not ask any investment before joining, they will pay the money for your Hardwork
  • They will Give the Signup Bonus of Rs 99 in your account
  • They Provide the Referral bonus too, for first 10 you get Rs 10 in your account
  • After the 10 Referrals each referral will pay you Rs 2
  • You can get around 0.25 to 5 Rs for reading mails, it varies by your account type and the type of mail you had received in your inbox
  • Payment cycle is 15 days, they send money through Cheque and Minimum payout is 500 Rs
  • This website had too good reputation , just need to signup with them and confirm their email in your inbox, then read their emails, answer their surveys and earn some cash
  • They pay $1.00 For every mail you had read, if you are inactive for 6 months your account will be removed by them
  • Payment method is paypal and you must have $30 to request an payment
  • It is an International Program that gives you money for reading the mails delivered by them and Claiming the offers availed by them
  • Membership is free and offers are free too which will eventually increase your earnings
  • The Payment is by Paypal, there is no Threshold limit, but if you need payment by Check the minimum amount should be $5 in your account
  • It is best website which gives money for clicking on the Advertiser ads , reading emails and participating in offers proposed by them
  • Presently they are offering this opportunity to USA, UK and Australian people only
  • You get instant signup bonus of $5 in your account
  • You can earn 2 to 5 cents for reading emails and earn more money by referring the Friends which was 2 cents for every referral you will get for them
  • Their payment will be processed on 1st day of every month, they will sent by cheque to people who are eligible for payment after 15th of the same month
  • The same goes to this website too, you can get enough money by reading their emails and claiming offers by them
  • You can also play games and write some quality articles, you can get $25 per hour if you work hard enough
So this is the best ways to earn money by reading mails , hope you execute this well and earn some quick cash for your account


How to Earn Money from Protypers and Fanslave Website

Frustrated about money of your job which will vanish quickly, thinking to save and earn some extra bucks in your free time, you need to search for hours in Internet to get some genuine job.I listed Some Typing jobs which do not ask any investment, in return they give some good amount.

More People are trying smart ways to get money rather than hard working conventional ways, i swear this will work very well. You just need to have Some Creative skills and Good Internet Connection to achieve some Online Income


  • It will allow you to earn money through Facebook Pages, you just need to Swap through Pages and earn some Credits to your account
  • Even by Referring this website to your Friends you can earn Some Money

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  • This is an Online Based Type Entry work, you just need to have good typing skills
  • If you are Pro at Typing you can earn more money, atleast you earn $250 per month
  • They have all the payment features like Paypal, western money and payza

I Hope this two websites will earn you some more money which you think it may not happen in Online, be updated with my posts for more money earning methods

How to Earn Money by Social Network : TSU

We already discussed about earning money by downloading the apps, but it just fill your pockets a little, how about earning some extra income for your living, yes we can, Facebook is an biggest social networking site which was enjoying the fruits that had reaped and sowed by users, the total revenue which was collected by them was whooping, the irony is still we are the reason for the revenue.

Users will post their content and share among themselves,advertisers will come in floods to get their attention, in between Facebook will cash this chance, but they do not give a single penny for you even you are working hard for them

TSU was the new social networking site which will pay their 90% of their ad revenue to the users since you are the one who deserves it, with s work home friends we can earn decent income, when you work hard and get more friends and some whooping income for you

Youtube is the similar platform but it needs fresh and original vidoes, where as TSU is bit like Facebook and it is easy to create the posts and add friends, share the content and chat with friends

See i worked hard for two years and crossed my fan page likes to 1.5 Million, even i got this much number of audience, i cant get even 10000 People reach, They may tell several stories but it is hard to digest, so if you think you need to think of some alternatives, think about TSU


1) They will calculate the payment according to the Page views and 10% of the Revenu goes to the TSU

2) Rest 90% of the Revenue Goes to the users who  more share their content and have more followers

3) Even you get Some amount by referrals too, which will be an Bonus

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1) Please Don' Wait, Just Click here to Sign up Now and Join the biggest Social Revolution

2) After signing up, just check the SPAM folder in your Inbox, most of the users are getting the TSU verification in SPAM Folder in Gmail


How to Earn Some Money by Downloading apps

Everyone is worried about some extra expenses but forget to grab the opportunities of making extra bucks, Smartphones had make our lives simple and it also gives some ways to earn money with the apps, we can easily make money by downloading the apps by a program called Tap Cash Rewards 

Tap cash will give you Every chance to earn money, where as smart phone apps are crucial since we use it for many tasks, In emergency and normal situations it will help us in all ways

Tap Cash

It will make Smart phone users to earn money by downloading the apps, first you need to Download the Tap Cash app Initially

Earn Money by using Tap Cash

1) First Download the Tap Cash app and have some internet connectivity on our phone

2) Install the app , and now download the apps and games from it 

3) You get Cash Rewards for installing games and apps 

4) After that Redeem those cash rewards with amazon gift cards or Paypal

5) You can get 50% extra bonus by binding your Facebook account with Tapcash

6) Go to Settings > Bind Facebook account to link > Tap Cash app

7) Verify your account by tapping " Become VIP " on Tap Cash app

Hurry up friends, this is the best time to earn money before something came, get some extra bucks and fill the pockets


How to Earn money Online by

I already listed the ways to earn money online previously in my blog, the best method i prefer is Blogging, even though blogging is good we need some best advertising network which would give inspiration and enough confidence so that we can be happy by earning some bucks

Adsense is far best when compared to so many networks, since they are from ages and they do have good advertisers, but their terms and conditions are so difficult to follow and it is hard enough for a new bloggie to earn from it is best for bloggers who need money and freedom, they are good CPM Network, the major drawback is they do not have detailed analytics like adsense , but they certainly had important statistics in them

Why should we Choose

1) They are good CPM network , they can easily compete with adsense, they do have terms and conditions, but they are lesser than Adsense

2) They do have option of Paypal for your Payment, it is good for those who are lazy enough to enter their bank credentials

3) Their payment is 30 days Basis, if your Earnings Reached their threshold, they will payout the earnings next month ( if your earnings reached threshold in may they will payout in june ),here i attached my payment proof, check it once.

4) The minimum payout is $100 and there is no need of PIN which is used in adsense for your address verification

How to Sign up with

1) First go to the by Clicking here

2) Then go for Request an Invite and fill all your details and wait for signup process to complete

What if i do rejected my application

1) First know they are concentrating more on quality blogs, so better get some good search engine traffic, if it is from USA then it will be additional bonus for you

2) Design your blog well and write some original content and be patient, they will approve your blog if all goes well

What would be my Earnings ?

Do not Expect more at first attempt, they will run their ads and test your website for sometime and display some quality ads so that you get more, some may get lower RPM in the beginning, but as some time goes on , they have decent RPM


I am one of the publisher who is working for for past 4 months, They do have Excellent Customer Service, their payments are never delayed,so i strongly recommend to signup with

Please signup with by going to this Link ( Sign up )

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