How to Play PS2 Games on PC or Laptop

Games are developing day by day with huge graphics and frame rates, but Computers are not getting enough hardware or software support to play those big games, some may lack graphic cards, some may lack lesser hardware, and the good reason is we cannot afford PS series easily, they cost too much and in addition to this we need some good Television and Game CD's that can suck your blood

There is a Simple Solution to PS2 Games on PC which saves some money, but they lack higher frame rates and high graphics, to play PS Games you need to install the Software called PCSX2, this is a free emulator which can be installed on Linux, Windows

How to Play PS2 Games on PC or Laptop

1) Download the Emulator here and install in your Computer 

2) You can Skip the Directx Setup, it takes time to Download from the Internet and we can download them manually

3) Now Download the BIOS for the Emulator by Clicking here

4) Go to the Documents and change the Folder name PCSX2 to PCSX0.4 ( Name is not Specified )

5) Now Create a New Folder called PCSX2 and Move the BIOS files to this Folder
6) Move the PCSX2 Folder to the PCSX0.4 

Now Open the Program and you get the first configuration window, set the settings like this

  • GS-Gsdx 4600
  • PAD(configuration of keyboard or joystick)-lilypad svn
  • SPU2(sound)-spu2-x r4600m
  • CDVD(How you gonna run the game)-Linuz iso cdvd
  • USB-usb null driver 0.7.0
  • FW-fwnull driver 0.7.0
  • DEV9-dev9 null driver 0.5.0
This settings is dependent on games you are going to play

7) Select the BIOS Path and click on Finish

8) Rest are just settings that you need to adjust according to your game needs


How to Download Torrents using Internet Download Manager

I always prefer to download big games from the Torrent and like to play on my computer, since torrent needs seeds for maximum download speed, we are unsure that every file will get good download speed, everyone knows about how to get maximum speed by using Internet Download Manager, it also can be used to download torrents

Remember they do not have any inbuilt support for downloading torrent files, you need the help of some third party websites for converting them into direct download links, now enjoy the speed for your torrents

Top 5 websites to Download torrents using Internet Download Manager

1) ( Link )

  • First go to ZbigZ and Create an Account with them
  • Go to their Home page, Click on GO Button and a pop up window will appears
  • 'Click on Free button and now click on Zip File
  • Now click on Start Download and download will start and file will be downloaded
2) ( Link )
  • Go to Filestream and sign up with them
  • Click on Download torrent and browse the torrent or paste in address bar
  • After that Click Download icon and Copy the link address and paste in Internet Download Manager
  • Your file will start download immediately
3) ( Link )
  • You can sign up with any social networking site and start downloading
  • Browse the torrent file and send to your Dropbox
  • Now download from the Dropbox , you can see the app called boxopus in app folder on them
4) ( Link )
  • Signup with your social networking site and upload torrent file
  • Follow instructions and Download the file
5) ( Link )
  • No need to sign up , just paste the links of your torrent files
  • Follow the instructions and download the file

How to Disable or Remove seen Feature in Facebook

Facebook is most used Social networking site in the world, even though some sources say it will slowly fade out, present they are doing well, one of the feature that was introduced in facebook was " Seen " which indicates the person whom you had sent message had read your message, this contributed to several Breakups and relationship Disasters, but there are no direct options to remove this option

Facebook had no direct settings for this, Infact they are very poor at your privacy, they sell your valuable data and get millions of money, but they had given this in their TOS , irony is several people wont read this and never mind this.

How to Disable or Remove Seen Feature in Facebook

1) By using ADD ON'S

  • For Google Chrome , download the FB unseen and add it to your Extension list
  • When you are going to download the FB Unseen this window will open, add the plugin to your chrome bar and restart the browser
  • People will not get Seen on their messages even you had read those messages
For Mozilla Firefox
  • First you need to install Grease Monkey script into your Browser to remove seen feature
  • Then add Facebook Stealth to the Browser and restart it
  • Now your Last seen was disabled and you can happily send messages
For Internet Explorer
If you do it Manually, open the chat box and click on Read full conversation and you will go to main messages box, there Click on Actions and Select " Mark as unread "


How to Remove Write Protection of any Flash Drives/Memory Cards

In olden days we had lesser ways to store data, as technology advanced we got Floppy disk, Optical Disk and now flash drives, they are easily vulnerable as they can accessed by anyone, but flash drives had the feature to secure them from spammers

We can add Write protection so that no one can use it , the person who owns only can access it , this is good for security reasons, sometimes we need to remove those protection for some fair reasons, i will teach you the easy possible way which you can easily Remove write protection on any Flash Drives/ Memory cards



  • We cannot use the default windows method, so you need to download one special tool which is given here LOW LEVEL FORMATTING
  • Format the Password protected Pen Drive with this Tool
  • Now open the Run box ( Win+R) and type diskmgmt.msc in Box
  • You can see your Pen Drive, Flash the Drive and allocate the Space
  • There will be no error after you Allocated the Space to Flash Drive
2) Modify Registry Settings
  • Before doing things on Registry, please do backup of Registry
  • Open the Run box ( Win+R) and type regedit in the box
  • Search for the Following Registry Key in the Window
  • Click on Write Protect and change the Registry binary value from 1 to 0

  • Now you had successfully Removed the Write Protection on your Flash Drives/ Memory cards

How to Apply for Online Banking in SBI

The Option of Online Banking is Implemented in various Banks like SBI and still more and more are Implementing this Service. It is Not that Difficult to Apply for Online Banking in SBI, you just need to have Some patience for this and Basic Computer Skills to Operate your account via Online

SBI Internet Banking

How to Apply for Online Banking in SBI

1) The Basic Requirement is your Bank account, you must be an SBI Bank Customer to Avail this Service

2) Download the Online SBI Form and Fill the Details as per your bank account and Submit to your Bank

3) Then they will give an Username and Password to you, after the First Login you should need to change your username and Password

4) After Login to the SBI you can Biew your Transactions, and other Details, just you need an PC and Internet Connection

5) You need to put Different Passwords for your profile and your account

6) You have Limited access only even you got internet banking, sometimes you cannot get Full Transaction rights , if this is your case contact your nearest SBI branch

7) They have an Online Virtual Keyboard which Protects your data from Phishing

Do's In Internet Banking

1) Whenever you are Leaving your Session, Please Logout manually, In default SBI will not allow you to remain idle for more than some time, but in safer you can do this

2) Never Reveal your Password to anyone, it results in Complicated problems when they started to misuse your account

3) Always use Virtual keyboard when typing Usernames and Passwords, Never use Normal Keystrokes

Dont's in Internet Banking

1) Never use your Internet Banking in Cyber Cafe, even if it is try to avoid Direct keystrokes

2) Never Respond to the Scam emails sent to you by Scammers to Steal your Data, if you have any Problem it is better to Directly Contact with them

So Why late, Have an Safe and Good Internet Banking in SBI


How to Track DTDC DFL Fedex Bluedart Courier Status online

The Easy step in Courier Services Like DTDC, DFL, Fedex, Bluedart is the option of Track their Status online for getting the Present Status of your Parcel  When it is not Reached yet. I am Listing the Steps for Tracking the Top Courier Services Online here


1) How to Track DTDC Courier Status online 
  •  DTDC was India's Biggest Courier Service Provider and it has Good Network Global wide too
  • It is Securable and Trusted Brand for more Customers upto date
  • It serves more than 250 Destinations and handling more than 15,000 Consignments every month
There are two ways to track your DTDC Courier Status online 
  •  By Online - First go to their Tracking Page
  • Enter your Consignment Number in the Box 
  • Now Click on ''Go'', your Status is Displayed
The Second way is to Track your Status by SMS
  • Just Send Sms as " DTDC Consignment No " to the Number 9845324040
  • The Space must be given between the DTDC and Consignment Number
2) How to Track DFL Courier Online
  • The Best way to Track DFL Courier Service was by Online
  • Go to their Tracking page and fill the Shipment Number
  • Click on "Track" now
  • Your Status is Now displayed 
  • You can also take their Help by calling their Toll free number 1800 111 345
3) How to Track Fedex Courier Online
  • Fedex is an Best Courier Service so far in india
  • To track their Parcels, go to their Tracking page
  • There are three options given by them one is Tracking Number, second is Track by Reference, third is Obtain Proof of Delivery
  • The First and second will give your Status of Fedex courier and third will give the proof of Delivery
4) How to Track Bluedart Courier Online
  • The Best Courier Service provider in South Asia is Bluedart, Even the Adsense Cheques also came through Bluedart only
  • Go their Official Website and Click on "Track your Shipment" link
  • Now your Status of Bluedart was displayed


How to Track my Speed Post Status Online

The Tracking of Speed Post does not require more time, we can do it in few clicks via online. Speaking about Speed post,  it is an service by Indian Post office which was established for More comfort to the People who need to Send Couriers, Parcels and Electronic Money
How to Track Speed Post online

Whenever you sent an parcel via Speed Post, in return we receive an Receipt that includes OP code, Counter number, Amount and an Unique ID. We just need to write down this Unique ID for tracking your Speed Post

This is an Alphanumeric characters with 13 letters written at the Top of your Receipt, it was written in Uppercase letters

There are Two methods to Track your Speed Post Status Online

First method is By SMS

1) Go to your Mobile and Send an Message

2) Type SP<space>Space Number and Send to the Number 55352

3) The Space number above refers to Unique ID which you discussed above, You can use Upper or Lower case letters, it is Case sensitive

Second Method by Online

1) Go to the Indian Post office Official website by clicking here

2) Then Just enter your 13 digit Unique ID in the Box

3) After Submitting, Click on "Go", Now you had Tracked your Speed Post Status online

4) The Status of your Speed Post will be Displayed 


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