How to Trace your Lost Mobile with the IMEI Number


Hi friends , i think now a days mobiles are one of the parts of life.World is just running on a race, where they cannot afford to waste time and sometimes as little Careless.This Happens to our Phones also, so Do not worry When you lost your Mobile, here is the best way to trace it.

  • Our phone numbers are assigned with the Unique Identification Number. 

  • The Number which can be used to track any time is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) 

  • For the IMEI number on your mobile just type *#06# in your Handset or it is Given behind the mobile.It is advisable to note this number

1) First after the Handset theft or loss , File an FIR in the Police station

2) Then Along with FIR and IMEI number, Go to the User Service Provider and Give to them

3) Now The user Service Provider will trace your mobile number by this IMEI number.

4) Even the Phone uses other sim, or if it do not have sim, still it is Traceable

5) Then the Police will able to help for finding and giving to you safely

6) User can Able to block the phone that no one can use them after it is lost by contacting user service provider

7) To Quick access for your lost phone, Do this actions immediately after your Phone is lost or stolen

8) So Be careful in your IMEI number, Make sure to Keep it as a Secret



  1. I didn't got the second point, which service provider you are referring here..????

  2. ^^+1 yes which service provider ?????

  3. I think the one which your SIM belongs to..

  4. sir,
    My Nokia X6 phone has been theft from Subroto park new delhi on 23 Aug 13. I have register FIR and SIM which was using also now I have activated the same mobile no but according to You I have to give the details of IMEI no with FIR to USER SERVICE PROVIDER but who will my service provider for my phone at the time of lost of my phone I was using the Vodafone SIM.

    Please guide me and how could i track my phone

  5. Buy a new handset and forget it. Nobody co operates. No police or service provider.


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