Important Differences of RAM and ROM in the Computer

 The RAM and ROM are related to Memory Management in the Computers.They both look similar, but it differed in various ways.

Overview of RAM

       1) RAM is defined as Random Access Memory.It is the Full form of the Word RAM

       2) RAM memory is Temporary and Volatile, as it does not save in the emergency period too.Data will              
            get erased when the PC is switched off

        3) RAM is used for Both Operations.It can be used for Writing and Reading.

        4) RAM  Boost the Speed in the Computer

        5) It is Very Costly in Price

        6)It is an Integrated chip Located in the Mother Board

Overview of ROM

       1) ROM is defined as the Read Only Memory.It is the Full Form of the Word ROM

       2) ROM Memory is Normally Non volatile and it is Permanent too

       3) ROM is used for single operation that is Reading

       4) ROM is not used for the Speed Boosting in Computer

       5) It is Cheaper when Compared to RAM

        6) It is an Permanent Storage Memory


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