How to get Free Mobile Recharge ( 100% Genuine )

The money of recharge coupons are not easy to offend, as it is an daily task sometimes we think of good ways of getting genuine and free mobile recharge. Do not worry , you came to the correct place, i will guide you to it, i listed some top sites that will give you free mobile recharge, take a look on it.

How to get free recharge

Top 5 Online sites for free Recharge

1)  laaptu is an good one which gives you 2/- Rs for bonus in joining, and enter your Guesses, for every correct guess you get 30 Paise, the minimum payout is 10/- Rs

The official website for laaptu is here

2) Ultoo is the Latest sensation in the market, on joining we get the amount of 2/- Rs and for every sms we send we earn 2 Paise, the minumum amount for recharge is 10/- Rs

The official website of Ultoo is here

3) Kuizr is the newbie website which is giving an amount of Rs 2/- Per Referal and 20 Paisa for every friend they joined by your link, You can invite them by Email or SMS too.

The Official website of Kuizr is here

4 ) Pickzup is an good website that gives you reasonable money, on joining we get 10/- Rs and for every Referal we get 3/- Rs. The minimum recharge amount is 10/- Rs

The official website of Pickzup is here

5) Way2sms is an old war horse we all are well known, it is an good website for sending free sms, We get 1/- Rs for every Referal

The official website of Way2sms is here


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