How to Earn Money Online in India

There are lot of ways to Earn money through internet, blogs, websites in home without any investment, But we need some patience and correct methods to apply for decent money making. See there are lot of websites in the internet says they will give you free money if you complete their surveys, if you share their links.

How to earn money in internet

Practically it is not correct, they are just promoting themselves with you, so the main point when you want to keep check is your path. There are some legitimate websites that really pays you, and some will give you extra bucks when you completed their work in time

The Methods to Earn Money online so far i know is given below


The Blogging is an easiest and genuine way to make money, but it requires lot of effort and smartness to compete with the already settled bloggers

First learn How to Create a Blog here and after setting up your blog handsomely and professionally, apply for the Google Adsense. The Adsense was the google Publisher solution for the bloggers, when they tied up with you, you should place their ads in your blog and as per the clicks and some views you can earn handsome money

But remember it is difficult to get adsense, because it is like clearing iit exam in first attempt, anyway as i earlier said if you work neatly and truly you can achieve it


Websites are difficult to maintain, because it requires the knowledge of Web Development and if you want to run or buy an website, you should invest some bucks initially, but if your website gets a good position in the Web marketing, you can earn a huge money

In the past websites are for the products, company, organisation. Now anyone can create their won, there is a lot of tools in the internet, it just make your work like drinking a cup of coffee with biscuit at free time.


The freelancer is a writer who will write for the best websites and blogs in the world, if you have good command in the English skills and communication skills you are definitely eligible for the Freelancer. There are lot of people who hires the freelancer for their website development, so contact them with your proper resume

If you want to earn a handsome money, you need to work hard on your skills and you should have a proper domination in the niche that you are writing articles

This methods are 100% genuine, if you work hard you will get money, do not believe in the websites which tell they will give you money by surveys, earning mails, almost 99% are fake.

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