How to Apply for Aadhar card online - UIDAI Application form download

Every country wants their citizens identity to be unique which helps the Government to function its welfare programs well, the Aadhar card is also useful for fighting against Fraud and Spam. There are two ways for applying Aadhar card, now a days due to some carelessness by the government some had lose interest in applying for Aadhar Card

What is Aadhar Card

I will tell you on how to apply for Aadhar Card online

The simple motive is giving an Unique Identity Number to every person in the Country and it proves to be the best way to secure an persons identity

As i said Aadhar/UIDAI Number is the unique number given to you from government of India, it is an 12 digit number. The Number will store all your demographics, Infographics, Finger Prints, and More Details of you. It is very important for the Residents of India as it is going to be the Base for many things in the Future

We can use Aadhar as your Official Identity card and it is used for all the services like opening a new account in bank or applying for the Driving License

How to Get Aadhar Card

Government is speeding up the Process of giving the Aadhar card to every one, we want to go with our family to the Nearest camp and Register ourselves, we want to carry some Documents with us for an proof

First learn about Enrollment Process by clicking this link here

The candidate who are applying for Aadhar must be an Resident of India and the documents needed are Aadhar Application form, Resident Proof, Identity Proof

Go to the Official Website for Aadhar Enrollment information here

Now you got the Whole process of applying Aadhar card online, if still any Confusions please let me know, i will try to solve your Problem



  1. After waiting for more than one year I received my AADHAAR CARD i) First by going to a Computer Shop paying Rs.100/- and then subsequently, after about 6 more months, from the Postal Department. Now I was very happy to find my AADHAAR CARD. But after lapse of another couple of months I went out on a tour to another state and to my surprise I received an e-mail message that I have to enroll again for my AADHAR CARD as the data stored in the government records has erased. The spelling of AADHAAR in that message was ADHAR. Now I wounder whether the message could be a fake one or real one. Please suggest me what course of action I should adopt.

  2. I am a reident of Kolkata and do not have a clue of where to submit the Aadhar Card Application forms of my family. What do I do ? Alan


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