Best online shopping sites in India

The Online shopping term was simply new to so many people, as it is less popular. Believe me the Online shopping was very easy and time consuming. You can choose your favorites in Seconds, now go to the online shopping

The Name itself says the Online means only internet users can use this service. Before going to the Best websites make sure you have the Debit card because you can paying by online

There are so many best sites, i had classified them according to the Traffic Rankings given by alexa

1) Naaptol

  • Naaptol is created in the year 2008, it was fully designed as the Online Market Place just a Few Years ago and this website gives all the Lowest Possible Prices on the Products
  • Merchants from all over the world will post their products and it paves the road for the Buyers to buy them
  • In Mumbai and Delhi the site was so Popular, its ranking in India was below 200 and Global wide it is Below 2000
  • Visit the naaptol website here

2) Infibeam

  • Infibeam is founded in the year 2007, it was specifically designed for the Books, Electronics and Automobiles in the Country
  • It was popular in the Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi
  • The Alexa ranking was similar to the Naaptol, but it has Bounce rate of 36%
  • Visit the Infibeam website here

3) Tradus
  • Tradus is an best online shopping website that gives offers on all Products like Laptops, Home Appliances, clothes and more.
  • The Alexa ranking was below 1500 in Global and the Ranking in India was below 100
  • They offers Cash on Delivery for the Customers
  • Visit the Tradus website here

4) Myntra
  • Myntra is the best online shop for Fashion and Life style products which was founded in the year 2007
  • The Alexa ranking was below 1000 in Global and Ranking in India was below 75
  • Visit the Myntra website here

5) Snapdeal
  • Snapdeal was also an good website for Online shopping, first it was started as online retailer platform but it was developed into an great website
  • It was founded in the Year 2010 and it offers best deals in the famous cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi
  • The Alexa ranking was below 1000 in Global and Below 60 in India
  • Visit the Snapdeal here

6) Ebay
  • Ebay is an American Multinational Corporation that manages the website, it is an Leading online e-commerce site in India
  • It was founded in the year 1995
  • The Alexa Ranking was below 25 in India and below 500 in the Global
  • Visit the Ebay here

7) Flipkart
  • It was the Best Indian E-Commerce company headquartered in Bangalore
  • It was founded in the Year 2007, in beginning it was Focused on Books, later it spreads the Business and all electronic and Fashion products also came into the sale
  • It offers multiple modes of cash payment
  • The Alexa Rankings was below 800 in Global and below 15 in india
  • Visit the Flipkart here



  1. It is very old and reputed site name which have a brand value in online shopping India market. It's service and product quality is best in all eCommerce market.


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