Bad effects of using earphones


Using Earphones is a beneficial one. You can listen to music while working, journey. However, no matter how awesome or beneficial by using earphones. On the flip side they have its effects which makes impact on the hear loss.

Hearing Loss :One of the most side effects of using earphones listening to loud music is hearing loss. If the music volume we listen exceeds to 90 decibels may face temporary hear loss.

Ear Infections : Regular usage of earphones enhance the growth of bacteria in the ears 10 times more. So limit the usage of earphones.

Decibel Ranges : loudness is measured by decibels. If we are listening to music 8 hours/day with earphones at range of 85 decibels, the you can get permanent hear loss.

Tips and Warnings

  • Limit the usage of earphones
  • Try to give 5 minutes break every hour
  • Don't use the earphones that are directly inserted into your ear canals because it increases the chances of hear loss.


  1. what of people working in call center and medical transcription. will they also have problems after some years.....


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