Make attractive Flowers by Tissue Paper

Hi friends you are well known about the Crafty work.It is good to learn and it is fun too.

Let see the whole procedure in step by step for making an paper to an Beautiful Flower. . . . .

Step 1

  • Use Eight or Twelve Sheets of Tissue Paper
  • Fold them into a Concertina.
Note-We Recommend the 200mm Square of Tissue Paper, because it is fully meet when assembled

The folds should be about 15-20 mm wide

Step 2 - Wrap a green pipe cleaner around the centre of the concertina and twist it tight - not too tight though as it will rip the paper..

Step 3 - If you shape both ends of the concertina with scissors, you will get a different shaped flower - it's nice if you round the end off or snip into the end, which will give you the finishes shown at the top of this page.

Then start opening up the tissue paper - spreading it out as much as possible to make a full flower.

Step 4 - A bit of teasing should give a full flower effect.

Hope you like my post.........


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