Sim card explained: A basic knowledge about sim card


Friends you are well known about the SIM card.We are Providing a very Basic ,But good Information on it.Just, Because Many of the People still don't know this.

Basically Sim Cards are Four types
Sim Card Explained

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4

Individual info 

  1. H1= You Will Get Normal Network On This Sim card
  2. H2= You  Will Get Better Network On This Sim Card
  3. H3= You Will Get More Better Network On This Sim .It is more than H1, H2.
  4. H4= Normal, Better, More Better Is Nothing In Front OF This Sim

A SIM card offers security for both the client's information and his or her calls. The cards could be bolted, implying that just somebody who has the right particular ID number (PIN) can utilize the card. Assuming that the telephone is stolen, the hoodlum can't utilize a bolted SIM or get any data off of it without the Pin.

SIM cards are made in three separate sizes to oblige diverse apparatuses. Most telephones use small scale SIM or micro-SIM cards, which are little.  This implies that, with the best possible connector, the more modest cards might be utilized as a part of gadgets intended for bigger ones.

But Some Company Also Provide This To Normal People Also Why Company Doesn't Provide This Sim To all Users
Because This Sim eat More bandwidth................

So How To Know That Which Type Of Ur Sim is??

Just Check Its Back Side........

I hope u enjoyed my post..............



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