7 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are ideal fruits that has many benefits and very valuable for our body. It boost the energy and also it removes the wastage from our body. Even people suffering from diabetes can have 1-2 dates daily and 
believe us it will not increase the sugar level.

Here we list the 7 amazing benefits of Dates...

1. For Healthy Heart :
Dates contains Potassium, as it helps to stabilize the functioning of heart muscles and it also controls the blood pressure. Dates is a good medicine for alcohol addicts, it reduces the desire of taking alcohol.

2. Constipation :
Those who are suffering from constipation then Dates is the Amazing medicine to get rid from it, Dates contains fiber and proteins as it helps to solve the constipation problems.

3. Night Blindness (nyctalopia) :
Dates are the rich sources of vitamin A, as it helps to improve the vision and fight against night blindness. It also contains antioxidants. So its good idea to take vitamin A from dates.

4. For Pregnancy Women :
Dates are rich sources of  Folic acid as it is very important for pregnancy women. So its important for pregnancy women to take dates regularly. Dates contain rich sources of Iron, If we ate 100 grams of dates then we will get 7.3 mg iron. It increase the hemoglobin. Dates also contains calcium, manganese, phosphorous. 

5. Knee Pain :
Now a days many people are suffering from knee-pains this is because lacking of calcium in our body. Dates are rich sources of calcium so it makes the bones stronger and helps to get relief from knee-pains.

6. Digestion :
Dates contains fiber, so it improves the digestive system of our body. It acts as a tonic for digestive system.

7. Tooth Decay (Dental caries) :
Many people suffering from dental caries, Dates helps those people to relief from that because it contains lot of fluorine and minerals.



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