Acidity Relief by Natural Remedies in Easy Way

Acidity is the Excess acid secretion in the upper end of the Esophagus which follows the burning sensation in the Chest.

To avoid acidity first try to Chew the food more and more and swallow, drink more and more water for relief

  1. After the Three Meals , Place a Jaggery in your mouth and suck.It effectively reduces the Acidity
     2.Take one clove and one Cardamom and make it powder.Take it after Every Meal, The acidity and 
         bad breath are no more there
    3.Cut a Lemon into strips and dip in Salt.Take this Before Meal, it reduces the Acidity well

    4.Add a pinch of Baking Soda in the Glass Water and Drink it, it gives the instant relief from the Acidity

    5.Mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and raw honey in mix with glass of water gives you relief form the

   6.Daily take of Banana Helps in the Acidity relief

   7.Drink Fresh Mint Juice for the Acidity relief

   8.Intake of more coconut water daily decreases the Heart Burn and Acidity

   9.Take dinner Before 2-3 hours of going to Bed

   10.Last but not least cut down Alcohol and stop smoking


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