Best uses of Honey and Health Benefits

Some of the Cool Benefits by the Honey.....................

1)  It is a Good Remedy that Prevents the Heart Disease and Cancer.It is just because, it contains
         flavonoids ,antioxidants which reduces the risk of Heart disease and Cancer

2)  Recent Studies shows that Honey cure the Ulcers and Gastrointestinal disorders .

3) Honey is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal just because of it adds an Enzyme that makes Hydrogen peroxide

4) In Ancient days Athletes Eat the Figs and Honey for enhancing their Performance in their Sport

5) Honey is an Excellent remedy for the Cough.

6)Even though Honey contain Sugar, it is not White Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners .It helps in regulating the
       Blood Sugar Levels

7)Its Anti- Bacterial Qualities are Used for the skin, When Mixed with some ingredients make the Skin nourishing and Moisturizing

8) Honey is also used for External Purpose like Healing Wounds and Burns.


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  1. Local Raw honey has more medicinal purposes. Helps with allergies because it made from the pollen that's causing the reactions


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