Best Way to Check the Email you Received you are Fake or Real

Hi friends, you are always well known about the E-Mail service, where so many people are using for the Fraud and Evil needs.Yeah, its true upto some Extent

Whenever i opened my inbox, there will be some messages like Mr.john you had won the lottery amount , and other messages like Easy way of earning money easily, so and so the list goes on.

Check email whether fake or real

I found a trick that is useful for Checking the Email that you received is real Or fake.So Please have a Note on this and Share it to your friends

1) First Open your message from the sender in the Inbox

2) Then Check the Message details by clicking the "Show Original " in the above of the inbox menu.

3) It is the Actual Source of the Message.

4) It is written in coding , which will be displayed in a new window

5) Check the coding carefully, Go to the 9th line in that coding.

6) If you have "Received: from , it is an genuine and Real Mail.

7) If it have "Received from: xxxxx.xx ( other than then it is an Fake Mail , it is just for Spamming and Stealing your Data.
Actually this line will appears too early in that coding, it appears on the 7th line itself.

8) So we can identify more Easily the Fake email and Real Email

Interesting Note-You can Observe the difference in the coding of Received too
           (Real Mail-Received:from
            Fake Mail-Received from: )

Thank you for reading my article friends , i think it is interesting and informative, so please share this post and feel free to comment about this post.



  1. sorry sir i failed to get the "show original" at inbox so pls make me clear to undestand

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