Bill gates home features and specifications

Bill gates house was large mansion in the side of a hill. It takes 7 years to build this house and it costs over $63 million. Bill gates house has advanced electronic systems with amazing facilities, for example if we enter in a room then the lights will automatically turned on. This house has wide variety of features, among them some features i want to share here
  • Hidden cameras are everywhere in the house, including the interior stone walls
  • The roofing of a house is stainless steel
  • Swimmers can dive under a glass and emerges out by a terrace
  • The theater is the most important state of the art in this house that is designed specially designed by a concrete shell in the underground.
  • Exercise rooms
  • Outdoor sports courts
It must be an amazing site at night with the lights on. I love that Bill put the house right on the water.Beautiful!

Inside Bill Gates Home


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