Some unknown Interesting Facts about Dreams

Dreaming is the process that happens when you are in sleep, So many people Are Dreaming Several things.Well here we collected some interesting Facts on the Dreams.

Some information about Dreams

The Most Amazing facts on Dreams 

1) People cannot Dream when they are Snoring in the Sleep

2) Kids get more Nightmares than Adults

3) In our Life time, We spend almost 6 Years in the Dreaming.

4) When we Wake up, we forget the 90% of the dream.

5) Avoiding the Sleep more than 10 Days will lead to the Person Death.

6) Brain is More Active in the period when we sleep, than we awake.

7) Our Body burns more calories in the Sleep, than in the Day time.

8) In a Day, Giraffe sleep only two hours.

9) There is No Dream Activity for the Persons who Lack the Personality Disorder

10) In a Day, Cats sleep for 10 to 15 Hours.

11) In America, Several people are Suffering with Sleep Apnea.

12) Babies cannot Dream of themselves until they reach the Age of 3.


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