Complete list of Windows 8 Short cut keys for the Easy use

The New Windows 8 has arrived , and so many of them are new to the options in it. So we collected some of the Shortcut Keys for the Easy and Quick Reference and Time saving for the Users

list of shortcutkeys for windows 8

Let check the Shortcuts and their task in the Windows Explorer of Windows 8 clearly and Patiently.

1) Alt+D

 It selects the Address bar in the System 

2) Ctrl+N

 It Opens the New Window in the System

3) F11

 It Maximizes or Minimizes the Active Window of the Computer.

4) Ctrl+shift+N

 It Creates the New Folder in the System

5) End

It Displays the Bottom of the Active Window in the System

6) Alt+P

It Display the Previous Pane in the System

7) Alt+Right Arrow

It  is used for View the Next Folder in the System

8) Backspace

 It is used for Going to the Previous Folder in a short way

9) Numlock+plus(+)

It is used for Displaying the Contents of the Selected Folder

10) Numlock+minus(-)

 It is used for Collapsing the Selected Folder in the System


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