Cool and Effective Advantages of Rose Water

Rose water is the Normal and old Product used for the Skin care.It is used in Some Cosmetics also, it can be added to bath for mild the skin

Rose Water has Many Advantages for us, Let see some of it........................

cool benefits of rose water

1) Rose Water Reduces the Redness of Irritated skin, As Rose Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

2) Rose water Removes the Dirt and oil in Pores.

3) Rose Water is an Perfect Cleanser , thereby it avoids the Acne and Pimples

4) After the Steaming, Apply Rose water , it tightens the Capillaries and Blotchiness

5) It enhances the Mood, which will make you fresh after the Sleep also.

6) Apply the Rose Water at the Night and Wash off it next day.It clears all the Impurities on the skin it   previously stores in that day and make your skin Fresh

7) To Prevent Dandruff , apply rosewater with Fenugreek powder on the Scalp

8) The Dark circles of the eyes will reduced by the applying of Rose water.


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