10 interesting facts about Facebook

Facebook was an Biggest social networking site in the world now.It was followed by huge number of people around the world.

What are some Facebook Facts

Some of the unknown facts about the Facebook are given below

 1) Facebook has more than One billion active users

2) About 600 million People are using the Facebook in Mobile Devices

3) United States is the Country Having most Facebook Users in the world around 166 million Members

4) Facebook has 3,976 Employees as of June 30, and still trying to Hire more and more

5) The "Social Network " Movie based on the Facebook had won Four Golden Globes.

6) The Median Age of the Facebook is Age 26 in 2008, 19 in 2006.Now it was exactly 22.

7) One of the Co-Founder of Facebook Chris Hughes Served as an Online Organiszng Director for Barack
   Obama Presidential Campaign.

8) An Average Woman Update their Status 21 times per month, where Men is Just Six times.

9) About 250 Million Photos are Uploaded to the Facebook site daily.

10) About 95% of US online consumers have Facebook accounts,  where their Twitter is Just 62%.


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