Cool and Interesting Facts about Water for kids

Some of Interesting and cool facts about the Water as i considered...............

1) 70% of the adult body is made up of Water 

2)Approximately 80%  infant body weight is made up of Water

3)When a Person feels thirsty, he had lost 1% of the water content in body.

4)Total amount of water in the World is 326 million cubic miles of Water

5)Around 70-75 % of the Earth is covered up with Water

6)Humans can use only three tenths of the total percent of Water in earth.This usable water is available in rivers, Fresh water lakes only

7)Pure Water ( only hydrogen and oxygen atoms ) has the pH value of 7 which is neither acidic or basic

8)Loss of weight immediately by a person after exercise or physical activity is due to loss of Water not Fat

9)Less consumption of water ( Dehydration ) may cause the Contractions in Pregnant Woman

10) Skin sagging can be prevented by More intake of Water daily

11)Drinking more water with meals helps,as it aids the Process of Digestion

12)As per a Survey, Children are Quickly becoming Dehydrated than Adults, Because they consume too little water

13)The Main food of our Human Body is the Water

14)Water is only substance in the Earth which is coming in three forms-Solid, Liquid , Gas

15)A litre of water normally weighs 1.01 kilograms

16)Water regulates the whole earth Temperature

17)Freezing point of water is Zero degree Celsius

18)Water Vaporizes at Hundred Degree Celsius


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