Unknown Health Benefits of Eggs for Kids

Eggs are very good for the Health, i collected some of the good Health benefits for us by the eggs to you.Please carefully read this..................

1) Eggs contains the lutein and zeaxanthin , these both nutrients are very much helpful for your Eye Health.

  • So Eggs are very good for the Healthy Eyes.

2) Egg consists High Quality Proteins and All the Essential amino acids

  •  It is essential for the Health

3) Try to consume the eggs regularly, it will prevent Blood Clots, Heart strokes.

4) Egg also contains Choline, a Nutrient that Regulates the Nervous system and Brain

5) Eggs contains the Right amount of Saturated fats that is good for our health.

6) Eggs are the only food that consists Vitamin D Naturally in more amounts

7) Eggs will prevent the Breast Cancer.

  • Studies show that there will be less risk in cancer if they Consume Eggs

8) Eggs contains minerals and vitamins, High sulphur content.

  •   It helps you to get Healthy hair and Nails



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