Cool Health benefits of Guava

Guavas are good foods that contain a power house of Nutrients.The Colours of Guavas are changing according to their species

The Various Health Benefits are given below

1) Guavas are Rich in Vitamin C. It is an Super Anti-Oxidant Which will Protect the Cells from Radical
   Damage.So it Lowers the Risk of Cancer

2) Guavas are Rich in the Fiber Content and is good at slowing  Absorption of Sugar in the Human Body.
    So it is useful in Lowering the Risk of Diabetes

3) Guavas Improves our Eyesight, as it Contains High amounts of Vitamin A

4) Guava contains good amounts of Folate, Which will improve your Fertility

5) Guava Will give you Healthy skin, as It maintains Rich amounts of Vitamins E

6) Guavas will Relax our muscles, as it contains Magnesium in high Content

7) Guavas had Large Potassium levels, So it helps to Control the Blood Pressure of the Body

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