Interesting and Cool facts about Tigers

The jungles are full of wild animals, Tiger is one of them.It is more powerful, people give more importance to the Tiger as it is Equal to the lion strength.Now a days Tigers are vanishing, Due to Deforestration, Global warming.

Before Taking some facts on them, Please pledge to save the Tigers Heartfully, here the Information on the tigers

cool facts about tigers

1) Streak is the word used for defining the Group of Tigers

2) Roar of Tiger can Be heard , even when you are far from 2km away

3) The Main Predator and Only one Predator for the Tiger was Human

4) Tigers like to hunt alone and mostly it hunts in Night time

5) Due to us, There are more tigers in the Captivity then the Wild

6) Everyone believe that Tiger had Striped fur, actually it is Striped skin

7) Experts are telling that, Only less than 6000 tigers are left in the world

8) The most active sense for the Tigers are their Hearing

9) Tiger can sleep upto 18 hours of time

10) The Cubs of Tiger are Blind at birth

11) South china tiger is the one having a very few stripes

12) The Scientific name of the Tiger is " Pantheris Tigris ".


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