Cool Natural remedies for Wounds and aliments

When you are cutting onions in your kitchen, Suddenly you cut your finger, you may not have time to rush immediately to the Hospital.So you need some temporary pain relief , for those we are giving some good remedies that are useful for us in more ways

It may not provide 100% relief, but it does not do harm also.So be free to try this remedies, now check about them.....

1) The Honey is used in the new cut on your finger for disinfect.Just apply in your cut area, before the applying of the handyplast.

2) When we suffer on the hive attacks, try a cool bath mixed with an cup of Oats 
soak your body into this bath for an half an hour and bring down the itches and bumps

3) The Onion juice is used for the Bee Sting, When we get a Bee sting, immediately tie a Cloth below the Sting, and Soak an Cotton towel in the Onion Juice and Dab in the Wound By holding onto it.It relieves the Pain

4) Consumption of Bananas which are rich in Vitamins and Potassium will help to gain the Lost Nutrients in the runs of Diarrhea

5) Soak your feet in the Tea, When you had an Unbearable itch, it will Sooth the Pain.The Tea consists of the Substance Tanin acid which helps in relieving the pain.


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