How to increase the Internet Speed of Mobiles

Now a days in the Technology advancement several people are using the Internet in the Mobiles , they just surf the Net in mobiles, But the thing that most irritates is the Speed of the Mobile Internet.

So i am Giving cool tips that increase your internet speed and have you a Quick Browsing at all time.

1)  It is good to use the Hotspot near to you as they are Quick and More Effective

  • They are linked with the High speed Broad band so you can take Advantage of this and Quicken your Browsing in the Mobiles

2) Please upgrade your Cellular firmware which can get you new Configurations.
  • It can improve the Speed and get new connections to your mobile
  • It is better to update your mobile firmware at 30 days time period regularly

3) Using internet in the Crowded place or Covered place does give you a Weak signal , so its better to use it in the Without Surfaces or where you get more signals and the Air

               Please note this steps ad follow , Enjoy your Quick Browsing...............


  1. Thanks for providing information to increase speed of internet on mobiles, i will use it on my own mobile phone.


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