How to shut down the system at Specified Time

Well, you are getting sleep, but some downloads are going, so you are forcing yourself to awake.No problem now, here is a cool trick on how to shut down the system using the Run command in the specified time

So many Tricks are used,let see some of them..........

1) Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > Run

2) In the dialog box , type the following Command at 11.20 shutdown -s
     You can use anytime regarding your work. Just replace the 11.20 and enter your own time.

3) when you decide to cancel or abort the shutdown operation type the following Command     shutdown-a

4) When your computer is in a Network type the following code   
“shutdown –s –m\\computername –t60”.
   You Should have an administrative access and the computer name should be exact on that network to
    Shut down the system

             If you have any other methods, feel free to post in the comments box, we will try to update by that.

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