How to Get Rid of Pimple Marks Naturally

The Pimples would affect the Beauty of the Person, So every Person do not like it.Popping the Pimples would lead to the scars.

After the Break out of acne, Pimple Marks will be formed.It is so hard to remove and it takes so much of time to fade, so there are some natural Methods that cure it.

1) For Totally Fading the Pimple Marks on your Face, Just apply Sandal Wood Powder Paste on the

2) Apply the Honey on the Marks Daily Will increase the fading , and it is a good Moisturizer for skin too
   and Rinse with water after for some time .

3) To Remove Scars, Apply the Oatmeal face and milk mask on the Pimple Marks.Apply this mixture for 15
   minutes and Rinse with water after for 5 minutes

4) Just apply the Only Egg white to your face carefully and after drying, Rinse with the Water.

5) The sandal wood powder mixed with Neem Paste will remove the Pimple Marks Naturally


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