Differences Between Capacitive and Resistive touch Screen

Well we are having touch technologies in the mobiles , where it is divided to two types, they are Resistive and Capacitive

So the main two differences between them is are given below and their merits and de-merits too, have a look at it.

Differences between capacitive and resistive

Capacitive touch Screen

1) The Capacitive touch screen was generally made up of an Glass Panel that is coated by an Material

2) Capacitive touch screens will Store the Electric charge, as Human Body can Store Electric Charge

3) When you touch the Mobile, Some of the Charges can Transfer to your Finger.

4) The Oscillator Circuits will sense the Decrease the charge in the Mobile , and Find the Touch point where it Exactly locates.


  • It supports the Multi Touch Facility
  • It can be easily visible in the sunlight
  • Very much ease of use as it is highly sensitive


  • Cost is more than Resistive touch screen
  • It does not work with the Nails,and Gloved fingers

Resistive Touch screen

1) Resistive touch screen is made up of the Glass panel , but it has three Layers.

2) The two layers are conductive and resistive, where as third one is Resistant layer which covers the Whole setup

3) When the Resistive layer is working, The Current will flows in this layers.

4) When the finger touches , two Layers connected and change in Electric field occurs

5) The System calculates the Co-Ordinates of point of contact and send to touch driver software.


  • It can Operate at any Level of Humidity
  • It is More accurate than Capacitive touch
  • It is Easy of Use and More comfort than Capacitive touch


  • It is not visible in sunlight Effectively, as it contains more layers that affects sunlight
  • It is more Vulnerable to Scratches than capcitive touch Screen
  • The Multi touch input was not Available

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