Easy way to change the Sounds of logon/logoff of Windows 8

We are getting the sounds of logon/logoff screen regularly, but we ever think that we can change the music, yes here are the steps to follow for changing the music on your Windows 8.

It is left hidden, so many users do not know, we gathered this information and presenting for you.please clearly check this.......

1) First go to run ( i.e Press WINDOWS+R) .

2) Type the regedit in that box and press the Enter

3) Go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER > AppEvents > EventLables.

4) Go to the Windows logon in the Left pane and select it.

5) Now change the DWORD value to 0

6) It just excludes from the CPL key

7) Repeat the same steps for the Windows logoff too.

8) Go to Control Panel by Pressing WINDOWS+X

9) Now go to Hardware and Sounds.

10) Here you can select the sounds and change the system sounds.

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