Easy way to change App Notifications in Windows 8

Windows 8 is an good operating system with some pros and cons, but still some tasks cannot be done without the use of Third Party tools.

Well you can change the Windows 8 app notifications settings by tweaking it.You can set the duration too for the Lock screen and Apps appearance on your Screen

1) Now open the charms bat and choose Settings

2) After the first step, Now choose the Settings > PC change settings.

3) Now we can access the PC settings App

4) On the Left side, Select the Notifications , and you get the relevant options

5) Choose which Notification to turn off or on.

6) If you do not need any, Just turn off the " Show app Notifications Option ".

7) Here it provides two choices, you can turn off the app individually or total turn off.

Changing the Visibility of App Notifications

1) Go to start and type the Ease of Access center

2) Now select the settings in the right panel shown

3) On the Ease of Access center window, scroll into the Make it easier to focus on the tasks

4) Now scroll down and look for " Adjust time limits and flashing Visuals section "

5) Choose your time as you wish in the " How long should windows Notification dialog box stay open "

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