First aid instructions for burns

You are always watched so many peoples getting some minor accidents or major accidents due to the Fire.So many of do not know what is the procedure to follow for the first aid

Friends please note the information and share to your friends and make them aware of the first aid for the Burns.

How to treat in Burns period

Firstly we want to know the type of Burns

If the skin is Some Swelling, Reddening and discolouration of skin , it is SUPERFICIAL type.

If the skin is combination of discolouration, and involve more blisters formed , it is PARTIAL THICKNESS type.

If the Clear watery fluid came from the burn site,and the skin is Badly charred, it is of FULL THICKNESS type.

First aid for Heat Burns

1) Immerse the Heat affected Area with the cool Water, Until the pain is reduced and vanish.

2) Use a Sterile cloth for Drying the Burnt area and cover it.

3) Smother any of the Burning cloth and Drop the victim to the Ground and Roll on the Ground.

4) Take him to the Nearest Hospital.

First Aid for Electric Burns

1) The First Step for this is Disconnecting the Power source.

2) Make sure that all wires are clear and touch him.

3) Check the Heart beat and breathing of the victim whether it is regular or not

4) Treat the Victim for the Shock and make sure they got proper medical attention.

First aid for Chemical Burns

1) First locate the chemical container that is cause of burn, follow the steps given in that for Emergencies

2) Remove the Contaminated clothing,Flush the eyes for half an hour if it is affected.

3) If it is dry chemical, Brush the chemical off the skin, and Flush the area for an 25 minutes.

4) Make sure they got Proper Medical attention.



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