Health benefits of Cherries

Well Cherries are one of the delicious Fruit , But we should admit that it had some high Health Benefits too.

Normally cherries are two types Sweet cherry and Sour cherries, as the cherries possess lot of nutrients and it is rich in antioxidants it makes them to eat for a healthy diet

health benefits of cherries

1) Cherries are rich in the FIBER content, as fiber normally helps the several functions of the body.Fiber reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.So consumption of cherries will boost your fiber consumption to the Body

2) Cherries are one of the fruits having excellent Anti-Inflammatory properties, which is very useful for our body in many ways.The Presence of anthocyanins in cherries prevents the free radical damage.

3) As per the studies of the arthritis foundation the consumption of the Tart cherry juice mixed with water three times a day give you many benefits especially for arthritis.It is because of the anti-inflammatory properties

4) A study on the cherries proven that it lowers many risk factors like body fat, High cholesterol and Some Heart Disease

5) Cherries are used for the prevention of Cancer because cherries are high in cyanidin, which promote cellular differntiation , which is the important process for the body to fight against cancerous cells

6) Cherries are also used for the Boosting of our Memory power as it contains the Anthocyanin

               If you know any benefits other than this, please free to post in my comments.


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