Health benefits of Strawberries

Everyone knows that Strawberries are Very Delicious and Beautiful to Eat.But they are very useful for our Health too, i am giving some cool benefits of the strawberries, Please note this.

Health benefits of Strawberries

1) Strawberries are rich in the Fiber and it will help you to get Proper Digestion and lower the Blood

2) Strawberries contain the Anthocyanin which lends the more red colour to the Fruit.It is an Powerful
   Anti-Oxidant which helps you to decrease the risk of cancer

3) Strawberries consists the phenols which is an good Anti-Inflammatory, so it helps to get rid of
many Inflammatory diseases.It can do this without any side effects, as Drugs has always an Bad side effects.

4)  Strawberries are having both anti-Inflammatory and anti-Oxidant properties, and it have rich amounts
     of Vitamin C and Folate which reduces the Risk of cancer well.

5) Strawberries are having more Potassium and Vitamin K which are useful for your Bone Health

6) Strawberries are useful for the Healthy eyes, Studies says that Consumption of Strawberries Will reduce the Risk of age related Ocular Diseases.

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