How to Delete the Autorun.inf virus in the computer Manually

So many of us are Facing the Problem With the autorun.inf Virus.When you choose to open a drive, it will open in new window, and in some cases the Drive cannot open.You want to browse the drive by using the command Ctrl+E.

In worst cases, the hidden files also wont show, event though we had enabled the option Show hidden files, it is also the wonder of the autorun.inf virus

Some uses antivirus applications for removing this virus, but i am giving an simple method for removing manually by using Winrar

Steps to Follow

1) Going to the first step, Please Disable CD or DVD/USB autorun in the windows

2) Open the Winrar.exe ( start > Programs >Winrar> Winrar.exe )

3) Now browse the infected file through the Winrar application

4) We can watch the hidden files for the particular drive using Winrar now.

5) Look for the file autorun.inf and open by using Notepad

6) When you open, We can find a .exe file in that.It is the main threat to your System

7) Note this .exe file and close the autorun.inf file

8) Now look for that .exe file in the Drive (e.g d:/ ) ,Now delete the autorun.inf file and .exe file together

9) Restart your system, now there is no virus in your system.

         friends if you know any tips other than this, you can post in the comments given below.Feel free to comment......


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