How to Reduce your Phone bill by Using the VoIP

Well technology keeps on changing, once we used big sized telephones to carry our messages through voice, then several changes had undergone, now we are having several mobile carriers for the voice calls and messaging

The VoIP is Voice over internet Protocol, which is an Revolution in the telecommunication Industry.

It normally changes the Analog voice signals to Digital packets, with the internet, than the conventional Carrier Transfers.

It saves a lot of money for you, and the clarity of voice is so good in this.

Let see some Advantages and Disadvantages of this


1) Cost of calls is reduced well as Internet is cheaper than the Service carriers Charge on Calls.

2) The signal and call quality is considerably better than Normal Phone calls

3) You can use your service, Wherever you had Internet connectivity.


1) As it is internet based, the call quality get bad, when there is no Sufficient Bandwidth.

2) It do not let you call to the Emergency service numbers.

3) Hackers can use the Pocket sniffers to trace your call when you are using VoIP by an Unprotected WiFi

Some of the Top VoIP service Providers

  • VIBER  is one of the Best app for the Smartphones.

  • TANGO is also an best app which is very similar to the above one

  • The biggest VoIP service Provider in the World SKYPE

                If i miss any of your favorite VoIP service provider, Please free to mention in my comments



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  2. great thing about voip is that you can really save on spending on phone services and other expenses that you may encounter on traditional phones,

  3. It is true that VOIP can reduce the large phone bills. Generally VOIP stand for Voice over internet Protocol, it allows us to make call on the Internet. We can make talk to other person from VOIP even he/she is sitting in another country. It does not charge like our phones, it only needs high speed Internet connection. You can get more information about VOIp from here

  4. VoIP can also be used for business since its has phone features that can significantly improve the customer service and to gain much better reputation.


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