How to save some space in the Pictures Folder by Deleting thumbs.db files

Now a Days everyone is taking a lot of snaps of their family and friends for the Memories.We are having the easiest and good way to view the Pictures in the Computer, But you do not know that some space is occupied in a computer whenever we viewed the Pictures in thumbnails

Tip on Saving memory of Images

  •  Yes whenever we open a picture folder using the Thumbnail can create an file called thumbs.db in the System

  •  Actually it is representing the Cache of the Pictures in that Folder

  • Just Turn OFF this Feature and Save some Space in your computer

To do this follow this steps

1) Open the Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > view

2)You can see an option called Do not cache thumbnails.

3) It will be Unchecked by default, So Please Check it now.

4) Delete the Thumbs.db Files manually, therefore no more files are created of such type .


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