How to watch the TV online with a VLC media player

Well VLC was an good and best media player available in the Computers, it had so many additional features that so many of the People did not know at all.

I am giving the one of best additional feature ,it had.It is none other than Watching the the TV in the VLC media player,Let see how it happens........

How to Watch TV in VLC

1) First we need the VLC media player, if it is already installed ignore this step

2) Next go to some Online Free TV links and Copy them in your notepad for easy work.

3) Now open the VLC media Player

4) Go to Media and Select Streaming.

5) Now click on the Network.

6) Now we want to Paste the Copied TV links ( any one link at a time ) in the Box.

7) Below in that box, Click Stream and then Select The PLAY in it.

8) Wait for some seconds, now you can see the TV is playing in your VLC media player.


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