Amazing and cool facts about india

India is one of the greatest countries in the world but so many of u still do not know about the hidden greatness of India. We revealed that with giving some facts about it ..........

some cool indian facts

1) India is the only source for the Diamonds of the whole world until 1896

2)The most Post Offices in the World is in India only

3)Charaka , Father of the ayurvedic Medicine  was Born in india.

4)The highest Bridge in the World is Baily Bridge which is located in Ladakh Valley in Between Dras and Suru Rivers in Himalayan Mountains.

5)Maths concepts like Algebra, calculus, Trigonometry was originated from india

6)Indian Mathematician Budhoyana Calculated the "pi" value and Pythogaras Theorm was Expalined by him

7)India is one of the Richest Countries in the World until the 17th century, Before British invasion.

8)Most Popular Game Chess Was Invented in India

9)The Name India is derived from the River indus , the Valleys around which the Home settlers are there

10)Aryabhatta invented Zero

11)Number System was Invented in india


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