Interesting Differences Between LCD and LED


We listed the some unknown differences that you have to know.Please check them..........Because Now a Days Everyone is thinking about these two things on Buying several Electronic goods

Presently two kinds of Displays are there.

1) LCD

2) LED

The Differences Between them are............

Role of Contrast Levels

1) In LED Display Contrast ratio is Much More than the Customary LCD.

2) In order to have Dark areas on the Screen on the LCD , Back light Should be Blocked by Twisting Crystals of Display.This Technique is Giving the Less Contrast ratio in LCD.

3) In LED the Local Dimming impact will Produces the Black regions in the Screen ,there by Reducing the Back light Behind the dark region.So it shows the better Detail image

Accuracy of their Color Display

1) If we Consider the White Back lights, there is not much Difference Between LCD and LED.

2) When we Consider RGB colored Backlights , LED Displays more reailistic Colour than LCD

Best Angles for Viewing it

1) In LCD If the angle of View is Thirty degrees form the Centre, Contrast Ratio of the picture is Diminished

2) In LED there is no such Disadvantage, It Effectively Matches the Viewing Angle

Video Playback

1) The Response rate time in LED time is Faster , Which it Especially will Reduce the Blurring of Image.

2) LED had Overcame the Motion Lag Problem.

Power Usage 

1) If LED is Local Dimming it Consumes More Power than LCD

2) If LED is Edge light It consumes Less Power than LCD

3) Today these Both displays are Came up With Long time Screen uses by the World Leading Manufacturers.


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