Cool and interesting facts about Planet Mars

We have total 9 Planets in the Solar system, where people believe that mars is the only planet that have contain or to contain life.So i collected and given the known and unknown information of the Mars

1) Mars has the largest Volcano in the Solar system called Olympus Mons.

2) Polar caps are present in the mars like Earth.But it consists Frozen Carbon dioxide, where as earth consists Frozen Water

3) Mars has Weak Gravity, and it cannot hold to the the atmosphere well

4) There is Seasons in Mars as like Earth.It is due to same tilt of Planet axis at a Similar angle which is similar to the tilt of planet axis of Earth

5) The First Space Craft that visited Mars was Mariner 4 in 1964

6) Mars is the Seventh largest planet in the Solar system

7) The Calendar month March is derived from the Word Mars

8) The shape of Mars Orbit is Elliptical.

9) Mars is likely an Solid core which is composed of Iron, Nickel, Sulphur.

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