How to send SMS From Gmail to Mobile

Yeah we can send the free messages from the Gmail itself. Google has Launched this Service , as Several Websites are there for Sending the Messages for Free in the Internet.

So let see how it happens.............


1) Go to Gmail , and Click the Settings and go to Labs Tab

2) Now Scroll Down and watch for the " text messaging (SMS) in Chat " and Enable

3) Now enable the " Sms in Chat Gadget " and Save Changes

4) Now you can send the Messages to all countries Worldwide

How can i send the Message from the Gmail to the Mobile Number

1)  Log in your Mobile Account and then in the Send Sms Box Above chat

2) Enter the Mobile Number You want to send the SMS

3) A Dialog Box Will Appear , then Enter the Contact of the SMS Recipient

4) Check the Phone number and the Country Code Once

5) Now Type your Message in Chat Window And Hit Enter

6) Now the Message Will be Sent.

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