Security tips to note, when using WiFi Hotspot in Public network

WiFi is an Good option for the people to browse pictures,share videos as it gives the decent speed for this.As WiFi can be enabled anywhere people are getting more and more comfort on the internet,.

As several shopping complexes, restaurants, colleges are giving the free WiFi connection, people choose to go on using that network for their internet hunger.

You do not know that Hacking an public WiFi is eating a pan cake,Even a person with a average computer Knowledge can do.It is less secure than other networks

Some security WiFi Tips

Some tips for the Secured access through the WiFi network

1) If you are an Windows user, Turn ON the Windows firewall, and change to the Public Network.If you are not satisfied with Windows Firewall, go for third party firewall Softwares like ZoneAlarm.

2) In Home Computers are connected to an single Network or more at most, but laptop is connected to so many Networks, So please remove your Personal Data in the Laptops

3) To make the connection Secure, many websites use SSL, So opt for it.
    In simple Go for the https;// rather than

4) Do not Save the Password , As hackers can easily get through when it is saved in any of your Browser.Please try to remember your Password when it came to Paypal and Bank details

5) Go for the Network which has good Encryption for the Secure Data transfer.
  Opt for WPA2 than the other two networks WPA and WEP. WPA2 is good and very well secured and WEP is less secured than the above two.

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