Short and Useful Information on how Rocket Engine Works

It is an Article that tells the Working Principle of the Rocket Engine and its Importance in this Modern days

1 ) Rocket is working by the Principle of  Newton, that is " Every Action has an Equal Reaction in the Opposite Direction "

2) When the Fuels are Burnt in Rocket , The Fuel was Get Thrown Downwards and the Rocket is Going to Rise Upwards

3) Burning of Fuel will Increase the Speed of the rocket , at which the Fuel is Thrown

4) The faster the Fuel Comes, the More Force for to Push the Rocket

Reason for Big Size 

1) Simple , As Rocket is fuel Dependent , the More the Fuel the more Speed .

2) So it Needs a Lot of Space , for the Moving the Rocket Upwards

The Speed of the Rocket at Fuel is Pushed out is in between 5,000 and 10,000 miles per Hour

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