How to delete the Stored Passwords and Usernames in the Computer

Many of us are using the internet services, there by you are forced to use the secure data, But on the browsers there is several loopholes.So there is a chance of every third person to steal the data of you.

So we carefully give an Easy trick for the deletion of Usernames and Passwords in your system.Let have a note on this, and enjoy

Trick on password deletion

1) Go to Windows "Start"

2) Then move to the Accessories and go to "Run"

3) Here type Control Keymgr.dll and we get the List of Some Registry Entries

4) Now delete those Entries From the list, Now all saved passwords and Usernames are Removed


1) Go to Run and type Control userpasswords2

2) Then click advanced and go to Manage passwords for removing the Username and passwords


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