Some Basic Differences Between Latitude and Longitude

Well we are well known about the Latitude and Longitude of the Earth.It is just measuring of the geographical locations on the earth.So as, it is closely related, it is differentiated by some of the factors which is very important for us to know

Info about Lattitude vs Longitude

Some basic differences is given below


1) The Direction of the Latitude is From East-West, and it is generally Parallel to the Equator from the Earth

2) The latitudes are generally measured in degrees, Generally it is 0 to 90° from the Direction North to the South

3) It is Denoted by the Greek letter called phi (Φ)

4) It is Normally denotes the Distance from the Equator

5) Time Zone is not equal for all Latitudes , it generally varies , even it falls to same latitude

6) Yes, It consists of the Parallel Lines


1) Longitudes Direction was Generally north to south, which was Converging at poles and it is widest to the Equator too.

2) The Longitudes Also measured in Degrees, It is ranging from 0 to  180° in the Direction of East to West

3) For denoting the Longitude , they are using an Greek letter called lambda (λ)

4) It is an Distance of the Prime meridian from the direction East or west to the earth

5) The Locations of Longitudes related to time zone was same to all places, it normally falls in same time zone.

6) No, it was not consisting any Parallel lines


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