Some Crazy and Cool Facts on Bananas

          Some Cool and Unknown Facts of the Bananas for the Knowledge use.................

1) Bananas Contains large amounts of Potassium, so it is Naturally Radio active

2)Banana is the fourth largest agricultural product in the world followed by Wheat, Rice and Corn.

3)Annually 100 Million Bananas are Consumed in the world

4)The per person consumption of Bananas is high in the Uganda.

5)Bananas grow from a Root Structure that produces an above Ground stem rather than Growing on Trees

6)Bananas contain amino acid tryptophan plus vitamin B6 which helps to reduce the mental depression

7)"Hand" is the term used for the cluster of bananas and a single Banana is called a Finger

8)There are 1000 types of banana plants in the world, But most are unpalatable

9)Bananas are more healthy, because it does not contain any fat, and high in Vitamin B6 and Fibre

10)According to the FDA eating Bananas will reduce the risk of Getting Heart attack and Cancer


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