Some Differences Between Compounds and Mixtures

We Listed the Some Basic and Important Differences Between Compound and Mixtures.............


1) Compounds are always Pure Substances

2) The Combination of Two or More Elements chemically is Called  Compounds

3) The Compounds Constituents are in always a Fixed ratio

4)  Energy is Normally Given off or Absorbed in the Compounds

5) Constituents of the Compounds are Separated By chemical Process

6) The Chemical Properties of the Compounds are the Different from the Constituent Elements


1) Mixtures are always an Impure Substance

2) The Combination of Two or More Elements Physically is called Mixture

3) The Mixture Constituents are in a Varying Ratio always

4) Energy is Normally Taken in or Given off in the Compounds

5)  Constituents of the Mixture are Separated By Physical Process

6)  The Chemical Properties of the Mixtures are Same as the Constituent Elements that made of.

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