Some Differences Between Electron microscope and Light Microscope

Microscope are using for the Viewing of the minute objects bigger , it is used for identifying the Bacteria and virus.So many of Microscopes are used, Electron and light are very well known.

Unknown Electron and Light Microscope differences

Let see some of the Differences between them..................


1) For Radiation  Source it uses an Electron Beam upto 100,000V.

2) It is using the Magnetic lenses, so there is an chance of Magnetic fields Disturbances

3) It uses the Medium VACCUM to travel through

4) It can Resolve the image as small as 0.2 nanometer

5) Electron microscopes are Expensive than Light microscope


1) For radiation source, it uses Sunlight or Visible light or a little Electricity

2) It is using normal Glass lenses, so there is no affect of Magnetic Fields

3) It uses the Medium AIR to travel through

4) It can Resolve image not more than the 0.2 micro meter

5) Compared to Electron microscope, the Light Microscope are cheaper in cost

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