Some Differences between minerals and vitamins

For an Good and Healthy body we need both Vitamins and Minerals.They are purely different from one another, let see some of the Differences between them..........

What are Vitamins and Minerals Differences


1) It can be said as Chemical Elements which can help in Bone formation and Blood Coagulation.

2) It is not Vulnerable to heat , Sunlight or Chemical reactions.

3) Minerals are inorganic elements which makes it Indestructible

4) Minerals Comes from the Ground

5) Minerals are two types either Macro Minerals or Trace Minerals


1) It is said as Chemical Compounds which can help in the Energy formation for body, And Developing red Blood cells

2) It can be Easily Destroyed By heat or Chemical Agents

3) Vitamins are Organic Compounds that are Destructible

4) Vitamins comes from the Fruit of Plants

5) Vitamins are two types either Water soluble or Fat soluble

               Consumption of both these in Excess will lead to the toxicity, Be aware of this too.


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